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Patuakhali Pourashava Is a Nice city surrounded by 3 rivers and crossed by several cannels like Venice. It is an old river port in Bangladesh. Barisal-kuakata highway goes on over Patuakhali city.

Established: 1 April 1892

Nature: A first class Municipality

Type of Governance: Elected Mayor, elected 9 councilors & 3 elected Women councilors

26 square kilometer area220 21” South
900 19” East

2.50 meter above sea level



Literacy Rate



The word Patuakhali comes from the local word Patua which means the special type of artists who work on handicrafts. It may be true that were a rich locality here, where the people very expert in producing handicrafts. There was another idea that this locality was acquired by the Portuguese robbers in seventeen centuries and they built a locality here. Locally they were called Pattu and from this word, it was known as Patuakhali. Historically it is proved that this town was started by the Portuguese’s. Firstly it was started as a town at Loukathi area in 1840s. It was transferred in the present locality in 1854 which is known as Patuakhali town. Mostly known that the first establishment of the city was the Acquire state building. It was recognized as a sub divisional town in 1871 during British rule. It was improved as a district town in 1969. Patuakhali Pourashava was establishment in 1st April, 1892. Now it is a first class municipality in Bangladesh.